[40] Walk through – Camera SD Card picture recovery using Ubuntu and Foremost.

I deleted the images from my cameras SD card as I knew I had downloaded the images prior. What I did not know at the time was that one of my family members took additional photos! I now needed to find a way to recover these images. Well I did manage to recover all the photos. After this ordeal thought it would be valuable to share the process I used to recover data with the community. Hope you get value out of this walk through! 😉

—Guide Start Here–

Foremost Installation

$ sudo apt-get install foremost

Create the disk image of the SD Card using DD

$sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0p1 of=/home/hendgrow/file_recovery/images/Camera_SDCard.img status=progress

Using Foremost to recover the images from the SD card image we just created.

$ sudo foremost –t png,jpg –i /home/hendgrow/file_recovery/images/Camera_SDCard.img

Need to change the folder and file permissions as we executed the command as root.

$ sudo chown –R hendgrow:hendgrow /home/hendgrow/file_recovery/output/putput/

Thats It


Common file carving tools that might be of interest: