[37] We replaced our HIDS solution with WAZUH and have not looked back.

Steps for installing WAZUH all in one instance. These are the steps we used including the steps for installing the agents on Linux, windows and macOS / OSX.

The back story for the guide is we used OSSEC for many years and our setup worked fine with sending the OSSEC events to a syslog server for additional reporting. We decided to move to WAZUH as it has a nice interface and reporting. Also the installation and management of the solution is straight forward and simple to use. We have subsequently convinced and started to migrate some of our clients to WAZUH with great results and positive feedback. We therefore decided to put this quick guide together to provide our clients and the community a quick reference to deploy their own standalone instance should they want to.  The all in one install we deployed can support up to +/- 100 agents.

The guide used in this tutorial can be found in the YouTube description section of the video guide.